Songname Length Description
Trailer for Beans and Bullets 1:51 min A short but powerful action trailer.
About Kings and Dragons 4:29 min A beautiful fantasy track from the game Tales of Tamar.
Trolls Leave the Mountains 3:38 min This poor troll family has been expelled from their beautiful mountains. This orchestral tune is the story of their sad leave-taking.
Thief of the Night 1:54 min A celtic kind of music with a beautiful flute. Very nice for a fantasy RPG. Extended version used in Guild 2 (Die Gilde 2)
Gate to Another World 2:13 min An orchestraler trailer, starting very imposing and ending up very soft and harmonic.
Fight Sequence 1:33 min A short orchestral piece of music that might fit into a RPG fighting sequence.
Desert Dream 3:20 min Sand, Sun, Caravans...

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