09/04/15 Sovereignty: Crown of Kings is a complex, turn based medieval fantasy strategy game which I had the honour writing music for. This game has gone public beta and is available as early access at Steam. Enjoy!
12/08/11 My latest project is the music to a documentation about Film Makers by Shining Movie Visions / Konstantin Stürz. Deadline's close, release is planned for beginning of 2012, yippie!

Very interesting project to get a view not only behind the scenes but also in some creative minds...

 ->Shining Movie Vision Website
11/26/11 Cinema premiere of Tavish & Talia will be on 10th December 2011 in Scala cinema in Leverkusen Opladen, starting 19:00 - woohoo! Entrance is free...

Enjoy this fantasy filmlet!
06/30/11 Currently I'm working on the soundtrack to a Fantasy short called "Tavish & Talia". Beautiful pictures, I can tell you! And a great project to write music for.

It's a story of the silblings Tavish and Thalia on search for their missing aunt. Finding their aunt becomes challenging due to lack of money for a passage, until they come across merchant Pavus who offers a bountiful reward for recovering an unusual artefact.
01/12/11 When "News" become "Olds", it's time to tidy up the mess...

Happy new year 2011 to you! This is the year for starting again - the new studio is finally done, the creative phase has begun. Starting the year with two audio plays and a TV documentary, more details coming up soon.

Radio Rivendell Meanwhile I'm happy to present you a new (online-)release with my fantasy track Nebelmärchen, which is available at my new MySpace account. This track has been released on the first Radio Rivendell compilation, which I can recommend to anyone who's looking for nice fantasy tracks...

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